Other Services

At Home Harvest we actively seek to understand the needs of our customers and to find new ways to bring value to their gardening experience. Here are some of the ways we can help your garden grow.

Garden Rejuvenation

If you have a garden whether it be herb and vegetable or floral, it needs annual care.  Top dressing with top quality garden soil and composted manures will keep your garden flourishing throughout the season.  Contact us to set up your site assessment. We offer very reasonable packages based on your garden’s unique setting.

Cold frames

Like a mini greenhouse a cold frame creates a micro-climate that allows plants to be started earlier in the spring and to survive longer into the fall. Ask us about our removable translucent tops for your raised beds, they are perfect in our cool Nova Scotia spring.

Irrigation systems

To thrive all plants need a constant and reliable supply of water. Home Harvest installs nifty rain barrels that are fed by your homes rainwater downspouts.

We also install drip irrigation systems with timers so your garden stays watered when you can’t be home.

Arbours and trellises

Growing vegetables vertically brings a bevy of benefits to the backyard kitchen gardener.

First of all by encouraging your plants to grow upwards, you significantly increase yield from the same amount of space. Peas, pole beans, cucumbers, squash, kiwi fruit and grapes all do best if given an opportunity to climb. Climbers also benefit from increased air circulation, drying off quickly after a rain so there are fewer pest issues and less spoilage. And of course, climbing plants are ideal for hiding an unattractive structure or creating a privacy screen.

One last thing: no bending or squatting when you harvest your crop, its easy picking with climbers.


Everyone enjoys spending time in a bountiful garden and some of the most appreciative visitors can be the neighborhood cats, dogs and deer. Ask us about our inexpensive fencing options so you can be sure that your kitchen garden produce actually ends up in your kitchen.