Raised Beds

What We Do

At Home Harvest we are dedicated to assisting and inspiring individuals, families and groups in growing their own healthy, tasteful food. We specialize in the construction, cultivation of 100% organic raised bed herb and vegetable gardens. We employ a consultative approach working directly with our customers to share the practical experiences, skills and rewards of home kitchen gardening.

Our objective is to delight our customers with superior products, processes and support.

How We Do It

Each Home Harvest garden begins with a free site evaluation and consultation. When we visit we will determine the best site for your garden, discuss your preferences and budget and then create a kitchen garden plan custom tailored for you and your family.
Home Harvest raised beds are constructed of un-treated Nova Scotia Hemlock and filled with rich organic compost to ensure the highest quality and quantity of produce. We blend this compost ourselves using loamy topsoil, composted organic manures, straw and seaweed.

Home Harvest provides all equipment, materials (including seed and transplants) and labour from site evaluation through construction, planting and initial maintenance.

Kitchen Gardening 101: 30-Day No Charge Support

I’d love to have a herb and vegetable garden but I just don’t know how to get started.

It’s a phrase we often hear and seems to be the most common obstacle facing today’s would be gardeners. Here’s how Home Harvest will help.

Once your garden is in place we will work with you to plant and sow the herbs and vegetables you have selected. In the coming weeks we stop by from time to time to ensure your garden
is a success all season long.

Consider each visit a private gardening session, where we will teach you how to cultivate your garden, answer your questions and hopefully inspire you to become a lifelong kitchen gardener.

Seasonal Service Plan

This is the plan for gardeners with green thumbs but bad backs. We will be there in the spring to clean-up, enrich the soil with compost, provide the seeds and transplants and help you get them started.

We’ll be back in the fall to clean-up, and plant a nice crop of garlic if you wish.

Existing Gardens Renewal

Do you have an existing vegetable garden that just doesn’t produce the quality or quantity of produce you expect?

Give us a call; we can bring it back to life for you!

To Get Started, call or email us today to schedule your free consultation and site evaluation.