Gardening for Kids

Good nutrition helps children grow, develop and learn. With three-quarters of mothers of young school aged children in the workforce, providing and maintaining good nutrition has become a team effort.

Childcare providers such as daycares play a vital role in this nutritional team and must cultivate nutritional practices that link children and families to healthy behaviours and lifestyles.

Childcare gardening provides an array of natural learning opportunities for children in a healthful and physically active setting. The lessons of gardening emphasize direct experience and sensory learning; it provides the opportunity to ask and answer questions and develop a lifelong relationship with nature.

Recognizing the importance of these outcomes, Home Harvest partners with parents, daycares and schools to develop the skills and curriculum that bring alive the lessons of life and nature.

Home Harvest Gardening for Kids program includes:

  • Design and installation of a safe, child friendly school farm using 100% organic soil and chemical free materials
  • Scheduled educational and maintenance visits to teach students and teachers how to plant, maintain and harvest a bountiful garden.
  • Links to an array of tools and resources for parents and teachers on how to develop projects, plan activities and explore educational themes.