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Home Harvest Kitchen Gardens is proud to be a part of the Glen Garden and ISIS community.  While the events of Sunday night are disheartening, it is encouraging that the gardening community has come together to replenish the losses.  We thank Bloom Greenhouse & Garden Centre, Hammonds Plains for their very generous donation of transplants (tomatoes, egg plant, herbs and flowers to name a few) and to Halifax Seed, Halifax, for their equally generous supply of vegetable, herb and flower seeds.  We also thank the thoughtful individuals who have donated from their private gardens.

Let’s sow the seeds of hope and change as we look forward to a bountiful harvest.

Article below from July 31, 2012 The Chronicle Herald

Vandals destroy immigrants’ community garden


Halifax police are investigating after a community garden used primarily by new immigrants was almost completely uprooted overnight Sunday.

“It’s devastating,” said Gerry Mills of Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services, a group that works with newcomers to the country.

Immigrants entered a draw for one of 16 raised plots in the garden, near the corner of Glenforest Drive and Smart Street. Seniors helped tend most of the plots for the families.

“People worked really hard,” Mills said. “Our clients are devastated. Somebody said this morning, ‘Why does someone hate plants so much?’”

The idea was to build a community garden that would allow immigrants to meet and socialize with people in the community.

About 70 per cent of the mostly vegetable crop was destroyed, said Peter LaPierre of Home Harvest Kitchen Gardens.

He visited the site Monday morning. The company built the beds in the spring.

“The plants were ripped out, and it looks like they went along with sticks and beat all the plants in the beds,” LaPierre said.

He said local companies are pitching in with seeds and transplants, and he has been out looking for donations.

“We have to focus on the positive and getting it back on track.”

Mills said people who had the plots and helped with them have to be contacted.

“We have to encourage people. We have to call them one by one and get people back, because we can’t let the vandals win.”

Mills said many of the plants were just about ready for harvest.

“They were huge. It looked beautiful; it looked amazing. This was many people’s first chance of actually growing something here in Canada.”

Mills said replanting is to start this morning, with plants that can still produce before the end of the season.

Halifax Regional Police spokesman Const. Brian Palmeter said anyone with information on the vandalism is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.


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