Benefits of Growing a Garden

We often speak about the healthy benefits of growing your own food. First there is the pleasure of being outside and tending the garden. Add the side effect of exercise and the thrill of eating tasty, healthy food that is steps away from your kitchen door, what could be better?!
What’s better is the financial component that is truly a huge saving when you add it up.
For example, here is a list of all the produce we use in our garden salad daily and the associated cost if we were to purchase these items. Prices based on local grocers offerings this week.
Salad greens
Romaine Lettuce $1.27
Arugula not available
Butter crunch Lettuce $1.99
Russian Kale $2.47
Dwarf Green Kale not available
Green onions $0.57
Broccoli $1.99
Red Leaf Lettuce (Mesclun) $1.27
Radish $0.97
Swiss chard $2.47
Basil $1.99
Chives $1.99
Parsley $1.99
Garlic $2.77
Claytonia not available

The total cost for us would be roughly $21.74 for two days worth of salad. Now consider that the cost for all of the above seeds is about $30 which includes tomatoes that are not yet ready for the salad. So for $30 we eat salad from June through to November, now that is a cost saving!

With succession planting we won’t need to purchase salad greens or tomatoes until December. So what are you waiting for, contact Home Harvest today and start reaping the benefits of growing your own food.

Pat Langley
Home Harvest

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