Advantages of Raised Bed Gardening

Deep, wide, organic raised beds offer many practical advantages over conventional row type gardens and for most urban farmers they are the perfect choice.


Deep, loose, fertile, well-drained soil with an abundance of organic matter is essential to growing a great garden. Raised beds allow for control of these soil conditions and because there are no rows to walk on soil never becomes compacted.

Higher yields

Raised bed gardens have more workable surface area than traditional gardens and will double the yield of produce per square foot of garden area.

Expanded growing season

Raised beds warm up earlier in spring and remain warmer later into fall. Ideal for growing long season vegetables like tomatoes in our cool Maritime climate.

Better drainage

Raised beds allow plant roots to grow and expand above water logged or compacted soils resulting in healthier and more vigorous plant growth.

Less watering

Raised beds allow for closer spacing of plants shading out weeds while retaining soil moisture. Because raised beds are self-contained outside weed roots are unable to spread within the garden.

Easier maintenance

Since raised beds are in fact, raised, there is less bending and kneeling when planting, weeding or harvesting your garden.

Location, location, location

Raised beds make gardening possible even in the most unlikely of locations. Given seven (7) hours of direct sunlight a day, raised beds can be installed on virtually any site using an endless supply of shapes, sizes and materials.