8 Great Reasons to Grow Your Own Herb and Vegetable Garden

1. Fresh tasty, nutritious food just steps away from your kitchen

No fruit or vegetable is as fresh as one that need only travel from your backyard to your fork. Most supermarket produce is picked early to extend shelf life and may be weeks, if not months old, affecting both flavour and nutritional value.

2. Save Money

Commercially produced fruit and vegetable are expensive, not surprising when you consider many have travelled thousands of miles to reach your plate.

A 100 square foot garden can produce upwards of 300 pounds of fresh veggies or put another way, $25 worth of seeds will pay back with $1,200 worth of fresh produce.

3. Variety

Over 50 different types of herbs and vegetables will happily grow in a Nova Scotia kitchen garden. With hundreds of unique varieties to choose from you will be delighted with your menu options.

4. Food Safety

Imported produce is often subjected to an array of synthetic chemicals that are harmful to the soil, plants and human health. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, petroleum based fertilizers, preservatives …a virtual who’s who of the toxin family. In addition, substandard processing practices have resulted in serious outbreaks of harmful pathogens such as e-coli and salmonella.

Grow your own food and you will be certain that your food is safe, fresh and nutritious.

5. Kids Gardening

Good nutrition helps children grow, develop and learn. Home gardening provides a wealth of benefits to children and families. It provides exercise, promotes healthy diet choices and will instill a sense of respect, awe and appreciation of the natural world.

6. The Environment

It is estimated that the food we eat in Nova Scotia has travelled, on average 4,000km., to reach our plates, an unsustainable and unnecessary practice.

Begin with a garden, grow your own herbs and vegetables and you and the entire earth will be better for it.

7. Health and Well Being

The 2010 Global Gardening Report identified “Kitchen Gardening” as the number one trend in gardening worldwide. Respondents to the survey felt that growing their own food was making the right choice for themselves, their families and the world.

For many the practice of organic vegetable gardening involves the finding of inner peace, reconnecting with nature, it is the ultimate feel good experience. The pride of cultivating and sharing your own grown vegetables is often compared to the pride of parents presenting a new born child.

8. Building Communities

Urban farming helps to create healthier, more viable, resilient and sustainable communities. As every gardener knows sharing the experiences, knowledge and bounty of the garden is often its greatest gift.